Peace of mind

We are dedicated to providing peace of mind, total freedom and maximum efficiency to those at heights, recreationally and professionally.
It is our goal to deliver the very best to you : continuous safety, highest quality and longevity, ease of use and customer service.
CLiC-iT is a unique communicating safety sys-tem, designed to prevent the risk of simultaneous unhooking on vertical or horizontal progression.


A French invention

``While on an adventure course, trying to help a child who was stuck, I found myself in a dangerous situation. Then I imagined my children com-pletely detached from the safety cable, 25 meters up in a tree...
I started spending all my evenings and weekends looking for a solution to this problem!``
CLiC-iT® is a revolutionary solution that has given rise to a complete line of products made to serve different needs in the fields of recreation, construction, and industry.


Opening one connector will automatically lock the other

CLiC-iT® is a patented safety system with two communicating connectors. The connectors are synchro-nized so that opening one connector automatically locks the other one.
This technology poses an additional level of safety. At least one connector is always locked, preventing the risk of accidentally detaching from the safety cable*.

* During normal use and when used in compliance with manufacturer’s instructions. In addition to this, our recreational products feature magnetic detection to ensure only designated safety cables are used.


A proven mechanism

At the heart of CLiC-iT® lies a simple and reliable mechanism that has paved the way to a groundbreaking continuous belay product.
Our products use unique patented innovations: Synchronisation of the locking mechanism. Mechanical unlocking triggered by Bowden cables, magnetic anchor point detection, to ensure proper connection, ergonomic grip handle
Few moving parts and Bowden cables that are pulled ensure long-term functionality.


Engineered to last

Within its demanding fields of application, CLiC-iT has proven to be exceptionally durable and reliable.
This is owed to in part to the well-designed mechanism, but also to the right choice of materials and technologies: Stainless steel, copper-aluminium alloys, forged aluminium, Glass-fibre bonded polyamide, Dyneema®/Spectra® slings.
On top of this, all components can be easily replaced to further maximize the life cycle of the product. CLiC-iT was designed with wear and tear in mind.


In-house Design, Assembly and Testing

Our production & maintenance headquarters is based in Reims, France.
We do everything to ensure highest quality & optimal service: Mastery of design and production, in-house quality control of incoming compo-nents and documentation to enable traceability, in-house assembly and of course a functionality test of every single outgoing product. With our simple periodical inspection and responsive technical support, optimal operation is guaranteed over the years.
We work closely with local suppliers, who are certified specialists in their fields of processing and manufacturing and have been involved with our product since the beginning.