Adventure CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE is communicating, dual-leg belay system for aerial adventure courses that provides peace of mind to those who climb it and those who run it.

Its simple and reliable mechanism paired with its unmatched durability and longevity, makes CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE a highly cost-efficient choice for any operator.

Customers benefit from easy, one-handed handling and passing capabilities.
CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE delivers continuous safety without costly modifications to the park. Installation is easy on new as well as existing courses and its versatility gives the necessary freedom in park design. CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE is compatible with all belay cables heights.
Action elements Moving Challenges, like tarzan swings, can be easily integrated into the course with CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE and do not require additional safety cables, or special transfer mechanisms. Ziplines CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE can be used to keep a closed safety circuit on a zipline.
The hardened steel sliding shaft reduces the friction between connector and cable and to limits wear on the connector.
Free fall and

auto belay devices
All auto belay and free fall products can be used in combination with CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE.
Our accessory C-CONNECT allows easy implementation of these secondary safety systems into a closed circuit safety chain.
Vertical progression

CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE enables an easy, closed-circuit integration of vertical progression elements, like ladders or climbing walls, either by cable loops or auto belay devices.

Transferring to an auto belay device is made easy with C-CONNECT and requires no additional transfer mechanism.
Sloped cables Sloped safety cables (up to 35°) are no problem for CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE with our accessory C-STOP. Forks or intersections Passing through forks or intersections or even just passing one another is hassle-free with CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE. Big adventure for the

little ones !

Norm EN566 et directive 89/686/CEE
Take a look to see what CLiC-iT® has to offer
User manual
Download the user manual for CLiC-iT ®ADVENTURE
Norm EN17109:2020 and 2016/425 PPE regulations
Take a look to see what CLiC-iT ® has to offer
User manual
Download the user manual for CLiC'N'ZiP®

Freedom CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE enables a full scope of mobility allowing everyone to experience their aerial adventure freely.
Whether encountering forks or intersections, ziplines, jumps, climbing walls or balance challenges, it will be a hassle-free passage with CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE.
Overtaking, going first, last or maybe in the middle, is not a problem. This freedom prevents queuing, increases throughput and for allows everyone to enjoy their aerial adventure at their own pace without feeling rushed or slowed down.

Simplicity CliC-iT® ADVENTURE is the simplest solution on the market, both for park management and the user.
Can be used immediately on your existing routes. Enables a very quick evacuation (in case of thunder..).
Our unique design provides easy, one-handed handling, making the adventure even more enjoyable for children (4 years old and up) as well as adults.
Using CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE to actively secure oneself, results in taking personal responsibility and keeps the adventurous spirit of climbing alive, while preventing the risk of completely unhooking.

Economic Efficiency The use of high-grade materials enhances the longevity of our products. Our superior, but simple mechanism allows for easy maintenance and inspection on site.
Wearing parts can be easily replaced, making CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE a cost efficient and long-term choice. We offer a variety of solutions that will allow a simple installation in existing and new parks, without committing to costly modifications.
CLiC-iT® ADVENTURE can help reduce operating costs and enhance the level of supervision. It can also provide a great foundation to expand the target group to childrens´ birthday parties or school groups.

C-PASS ZAZA2 Prevents collisions on ziplines Discover the C-PASS system which allows the regulation of the passage on zipline Brochure User manual Video Video



Reference : DAS180-L*

Sold with C-0 Climbing sling

No more friction of the connectors on the cable

Interchangeable steel wheels

Weight : 407g


Reference : DAS185-L*

Sold with C-0 Climbing sling

Interchangeable steel wheels

Weight : 530g


Reference : DAS185N-L*

Sold with C-0 Climbing sling

Interchangeable nylon wheels

Weight : 465g

*L = length of C-0 sling

C-RACK OZON Disinfection cabinet with ozone gas Discover C-RACK OZON. Simple, efficient and quick solution to disinfect all types of equipment Brochure User manual Video Discover the website :


Our accessories enhance your CLiC-iT® experience

Climbing Sling C-0 References: DAS060-LG
LG=20 cm / 35cm / 45cm

Round sling to connect CLiC-iT® lanyard to har-ness.

In compliance with standards: EN 566: 2006, 22kN
Sewn Sling C-1 References: DAS060-ELH
H=55 cm / 70cm / 90cm / 110 cm

Sewn sling to connect CLiC-iT® lanyard to harness.

In compliance with standards: EN 566: 2006, 22kN
Course way out C-OFF Reference: DASO44

Necessary to detach both connectors from cable. Helpful for beginning of course as well.
This accessory must only be to be positioned on the safety cable at ground level.
Support connecteurs C-TWO Reference: DAS046

Enables attachment of connectors on harness.
Swivel C-8 Reference: DAS070

Allows for free rotation between the harness and the lanyard.
Can be used with other with personal protective equipment.

In compliance with standard EN 12275: 2013, 24kN

Weight: 90g

Size: 65 mm x 44 mm
Mechanical stop C-STOP Reference: DAS075

Allows the passage of CLiC–iT® connectors in the direction of the route and is a safety stop in case of an accidental fall.
Ideal for sloped challenges.
C-CONNECT V2 Reference: DAS170

Allows integration of other elements like free fall or auto belay devices into a closed circuit safety chain.
Enables the attachment of CLiC–iT® connectors onto parts of the course that are not ferromagnetic.

Compatible with all CLiC-iT ADVENTURE models

According to the PPE 89/686 CE 20kN.

Weight : 149g
Ring C-ZAM L+ Reference : DAS148

Magnetic ring allowing even easier detection when anchoring, with an optimized connection zone (3 magnets).

Can be fixed to safety lines of diameters 10mm, 12mm and 12,7mm.

Available in various colours (red, blue, green, yellow and black).

(Incompatible with CLiC-iT ADVENTURE 21 models)

Reference : B100 (RODEOSTOP) / K-A1 (KIT A1)

RODEOSTOP : Automatic fall arrest device with energy absorber

KIT A1 : Pulley with sandow and adjusting hook on the rope tension chain
Video User manual
Climbing Sling C-0 Sewn Sling C-1 Course way out C-OFF Swivel C-8 Support connecteurs C-TWO Mechanical stop C-STOP C-CONNECT V2 RODEOSTOP® + KIT A1 Ring C-ZAM L+

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