Mountain CliC-iT® MOUNTAIN is a Y-lanyard that offers continuous, yet interactive protection by preventing simultaneous opening. It is K-rated and fitted with a shock absorber.

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Freedom CLiC-iT® MOUNTAIN enables the full range of motion and gives the freedom necessary for climbing Via Ferratas.
The dual-leg lanyard design allows for easy passing, preventing queuing and giving everyone the freedom to enjoy their climb at their own pace, without feeling rushed or slowed down.

User friendly
CliC-iT® MOUNTAIN provides easy handling and can be used by children 6 years and up, as well as adults.
CliC-iT® MOUNTAIN can be used immediately on existing routes, as no modifications to the anchors are required.
It is a simple, robust and durable mechanism. All components are interchangeable.

Peace of mind CLiC-iT® MOUNTAIN prevents the climber from unhooking both connectors simultaneously* by mistake. This gives peace of mind to the user and/or the person in charge of the course.

* during normal use.

Climbing Sling C-0 References: DAS060-LG
LG= 25 cm / 35 cm / 45cm

Round sling to connect CLiC-iT® lanyard to har-ness.

In compliance with standards: EN 566: 2006, 22kN
Sewn Sling C-1 References: DAS060-ELH
H=90 cm / 100cm / 110 cm / 120cm

Sewn sling to connect CLiC-iT® lanyard to harness.

In compliance with standards: EN 566: 2006, 22kN
Ring C-ZAM Reference:DAS057

Magnetic ring for safety cable detection to improve ease of hooking and level of safety.
Can be installed on these cable diameters: 10mm, 12mm and 12,7mm.

Available in various colors.
Course way out C-OFF Reference: DASO44

Necessary to detach both connectors from cable. Helpful for beginning of course as well.
This accessory must only be to be positioned on the safety cable at ground level.
Connector carrier C-TWO Reference: DAS046

Enables attachment of connectors on harness.
Swivel C-8 Reference: DAS070

Allows for free rotation between the harness and the lanyard. Can be used with other with personal protective equipment.

In compliance with standard EN 12275: 2013, 24kN

Weight: 90g

Size: 65 mm x 44 mm
Mechanical stop C-STOP Reference: DAS075

Allows the passage of CLiC–iT® connectors in the direction of the route and is a safety stop in case of an accidental fall.
Ideal for sloped challenges.
C-CONNECT Reference: DAS104

Allows integration of other elements like free fall or auto belay devices into a closed circuit safety chain.
Enables the attachment of CLiC–iT® connectors onto parts of the course that are not ferromagnetic.

According to the PPE 89/686 CE 25kN.

*Incompatible with CliC-iT ADVENTURE 25 model C-ZAM
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